Time Will Take You

by Ian McFeron

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"...You don't have to know about Ian McFeron's background to know that these songs were all probably written in cheap hotels in the middle of the night, and history tells us that's where the best ones come from..." - Alan Harrison, Maverick Magazine, UK

Time Will Take You reprises the musical collaboration between songwriter Ian McFeron and guitarist/producer Doug Lancio. Lancio, who first worked with McFeron on his 2011 release Summer Nights, rallies together another all-star Nashville band for this project, including two from Ryan Adams’ group The Cardinals (Brad Pemberton, Jon Graboff) as well as members from John Hiatt and Patty Griffin’s touring bands.

A playful and upbeat follow up to the introspective Summer Nights, Time Will Take You maintains stout-hearted positivity while exploring themes of troubled times, hard traveling, and a thin pocketbook. It finds romance in quiet moments and simple tasks, celebrates true companionship, and points hopefully to better days ahead.

Recorded in just three days at Studio G in East Nashville, TN, this record is a performance driven display of top-level musicianship. Prizing charismatic impulse over modern studio tricks, every instrument on the album- including all ten of the lead vocal tracks- was captured live on a 2” Studer reel-to-reel tape machine.

Fans of John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and The Band will feel at home in this offering, which follows in those ‘60’s and ‘70’s folk-rock traditions of tightly composed songs, thematic hooks and infectious grooves, giving it a sound that is at once classic and timeless.

“…McFeron is a fine singer and songwriter, an alt-folk/rock/Americana performer who strikes a cool balance between the mellow and the edgy.” —Jim Beal, San Antonio Express-News Music Critic


released February 8, 2013

The Band:
Ian McFeron: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano on 5 & 7
Alisa Milner: Backing Vocals, Fiddle
Doug Lancio: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Piccolo 12 String, Mandolin, “Guitjo” Resonator,
Micah Hulscher: Piano (except 5 & 7), Organ, Nord
Jon Graboff: Pedal Steel
Norman Baker: Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar
Brad Pemberton: Drums, Percussion

Production and Engineering:
Produced by Doug Lancio
Recorded and Mixed by Chad Brown
Assistant Engineer: Nick Newberry
Mastered by Ed Brooks

Studio Credits:
Recorded at Studio G in East Nashville, TN: December 3rd-7th, 2012
Mixed at Studio G in East Nashville, TN: December 10th-16th, 2012
Mastered at RFICD, Seattle, WA: January 3rd, 2013
Art Direction and Design by Narith Hoc

All songs written by Ian McFeron



all rights reserved


Ian McFeron Seattle, Washington

Ian McFeron’s writing has been compared to Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Ryan Adams. Over the course of a decade-long independent music career, he has attracted media attention stretching across the Atlantic. He currently tours in support of his 7th album Time Will Take You, recorded in Nashville with members of Ryan Adams band The Cardinals as well as Patty Griffin and John Hiatt’s touring bands. ... more

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Track Name: Bringin' It Back
I was downtown at the station
I had just too much time to kill
She had designs on a bad situation
I had a vacancy I needed filled

She said “I seen your eyes walkin’ up my black boots
And I’ve known your kind of man before
What your woman doesn’t know can’t hurt her”
But I don’t mess around no more

So I’ll be bringin’ it back
Bringin’ it back home
Bringin’ it back
To your door
You know darlin’ I wouldn’t leave you alone

Well her eyes flashed with condescension
She ran her tongue across the back of her teeth
And said “boy you don’t know what you’re missin’”
I said “I’m sure that it’s something sweet

I don’t know how it all got started
Or when I started makin’ my home with you
I was bouncin’ like a rubber ball
But now I’m stickin’ to you like glue
Track Name: How the Money Comes
I came here by a troubled road
Cause I got the music in my hands
And I sing those songs about a girl that’s gone
The one I knew when we were kids
Now I remember this town from years before
And really it don’t seem to change
Except the money is gone, the streets are worn
And I got more lines in my face

I’m tryin’ to keep my skillet greasy
And keep my pockets filled
Cause money comes but it don’t come easy…
And I expect it never will

When the jukebox stops my guitar knocks
And I play those songs again
When I close my eyes she’s walkin' right beside me
Holding tightly to my hand
Some people laugh and sing and shake it down
And some just sit and sway
And when the bucket of change goes passin' around
They pass a little bit back my way
Lord knows

So hold me close but don’t you tie me down
I got to keep movin'
With all those blues hounds tryin’ to catch me now

When the lights go down the shades are drawn
And all the cables have been tied
I share a whiskey drink with the barkeep
Before I load the van outside
These streets are so still with that morning chill
And the lights are glowing green
Well I got just enough cash to make the gas
From Memphis to New Orleans
Track Name: Down the Road
Everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout job lines and hard times
Well it’s enough to get ‘cha blue
It gets to looking like a backyard dog fight
Of people just trying to make it through

All this time spent chasin’ dimes
And you can’t take it when you go
But you can let it go
And you might find what you’re lookin’ for
Is just a little ways down the road

Everybody’s talking bout the big wave and earthquakes
Shakin’ those towers to the sea
Sometimes you got to let the big ones lose some
Sometimes you just got to let it be

Out of the ashes, out of the fire
A new day will start to grow
And if you let it grow
You might find what you’re lookin’ for
Is just a little ways down the road

So you can call on me any time that you can use a friend
And you can lay your troubles down on me
Cause I got all the time you wanna spend

Cause time is movin’ too fast now
What happened to the old towns?
And country lanes we’d go walkin’ down so slow
So can we take it slow?
You might find what you’re looking for
Is just a little ways down the road

Oh I wanna give you my whole heart, my whole mind
You can take all my money too
Cause honey I could be a poor man eatin’ from a tin can
I wouldn’t mind if I had you

You say that love is all you need
If you believe it could you let it show?
Cause when you let it show
You might find what you’re lookin’ for
Is just a little ways down the road
You might find what you’re lookin’ for
Is just a little ways down the road
Track Name: Long Weekend
Oh God I’m watchin’ the clock and prayin’ for the whistle to blow
And just as fast as you can hear it, I’ll be gone
Cause these past few years
I’ve been strippin’ my gears
I think everybody knows
The words to this song

I’m takin’ a long
Weekend in the country
I’m takin’ a long
Walk in the country with you
Cause when times get rough everybody needs something
Like a long weekend in the country with you

Well old bosses’ lips are movin’ but I can’t hear a sound
And I can tell his blood is boilin’ but I don’t care
Sometimes the best thing you can do
Is let it wash all over you
And in my mind
I’m already there

We can ride around the Ferris wheel
And go for breakfast after noon
We can watch the sun trade hands with the rising moon
And I don’t even care
As long as I’m with you
Track Name: The First Cold Day of Fall
If you’d a told me you were walkin’ out
I might a tried to make you stay
Cause here I am talkin’ at the wall
You’re the one that got away

I used to think that you’d be comin’ back here
I’m startin’ to get that you’re really gone
Cause I could never tell it in a word
I tried to sell it for a song

On the first cold day of fall
I turn the heat up in my car
And roll the windows down
I remember you were laughin’ with your eyes
And I was tryin’ not to smile
But you were makin’ it hard
That was a good way to start

Now I been walkin’ miles with no direction
Searchin’ the heavens for a star
But it never matters which way you go
It only matters where you are

They say time will tell
And I’ve learned my lesson well
It doesn’t mean that it’s wrong just cause it’s hard
It doesn’t mean I didn’t love you
Just cause I broke your heart
Track Name: Good to Be Back Home
Blue light dim in a misty sky
Where morning dew drips from the pines
My eyes are weary but there ain’t too far to go
And the miles behind me fill my heart with soul

Cigarette smokin’ on a salty bay
Fishermen’s nets smell of sweet decay
The sand is coarse and the beach is wild and gray
I stretch my toes out in the icy cold

It’s been a long time comin’ this time
I been a long time gone
It’s good to be back home

Birch trees swaying keeping time
Now she’s my rhythm my sweetest rhyme
She dips her fingers in the cool November sky
And sheds her robes like a lovers clothes

Smell the wood fires burn and the chimneys curl with smoke
It’s good to be back home

So south wind keep blowin’ me up this street
I’ll follow the leaves that blow across my feet
Tonight I’ll be lying in your arms
Until the morning comes

Now some might sing of California dreams
But as for me I’ll take the stormy seas
And rain that washes your sad heart of sin
That breaks you open so you can feel again

I’m gonna take my time this time I’m gonna take it slow
It’s good to be back home
Track Name: That's the Truth
Sittin’ on the pavement with my eyes closed
Sittin’ with my back against a telephone pole
I called every number
I called every friend I know
Nobody is at home

And so I wished for something clear
Like the flash when a bomb explodes
I wished that you were here
Instead of on the other side
Of the world

Cause ain’t nobody love me like you do
And that’s the truth

The sunset moon is full of blood tonight
This stretch of road flickers with deceptive light
And even with all the miles I’ve come
Now I can’t seem to take a step
Nothing has happened yet

How many times must I be told?
It’s not the thunder or the quake
But the whispering of the wind
It’s strange
But it’s making me
Feel safe

Thinking bout my younger days
But youth is such a reckless child
And he always
Gets away

But I guess I’m lucky now cause
Ain’t nobody love me like you do
Ain’t nobody love me like you do
Oh honey now ain’t nobody love me like you do
And that’s the truth
Track Name: You are Like the Sun
What colors do you see?
When you think of me
Cause I don’t mean to intrude
But I’ve been feeling blue
You are like the sun
You shine on every one
Cause you are like the sun

It’s just this starlight in my head
Has got me feeling bad
The night is blowing cold
Rattling my bones
You are like the moon
Steady and true
You are like the moon

Cause time will take you- where? You don’t know
You wake up in places that you never thought you’d go

So can you tell me little sun?
If my head is sick
And if I try to run
When the darkness is comin’ quick
And you feel like givin’ up
Can you bring me back?
Free from harm
Tell me little sun

So now you ask me little sun
What colors do I see?
When I think of you
Forests of cedar green
Twilight baby blue
Flames across the sky
That bathe the earth in blood
Cause you are like the sun
Track Name: Back to the Farm (Life is Good)
When the rooster crows in the morning
I make my coffee strong and hot
And pile a skillet high with potatoes ham and eggs
I used to work on the 33rd floor
Hopin’ that somebody’d come and pull the alarm

But life is good
Since I moved back to the farm
Life is good
Since I moved back to the farm

The sun climbs high in the big blue sky
And sets the back hills all aglow
And this black dirt now, lord is prettier to me than gold
The days can be long and the work is hard
But this country livin’s got a different sort of charm

So when you ask me
Do I ever think about movin’ back to town?
Well I remember the man livin’ in the tin can
And he was always lookin’ down

So I was glad to trade that workin’ wage
For five good acres and a pretty red barn

When north the winds blow I cut the stalks down low
And let the fields lay to rest
And we pass around the guitar late into the night
And when it gets cold I just stoke the stove
Keeps my little cabin house plenty warm

Somehow it just seems right feelin’ tired at night
And my head always singin’ some pretty new song