Feelin' Good

from by Ian McFeron

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Feelin’ Good - Story

When you live in the northern lands, winter can set your mind against you. Maybe this is why so many northerners of old had rituals and religious ceremonies to track the waxing and waning of the sun. Because sometimes when it’s going away from you- even though every ounce of logic and sanity you can muster tells you it will certainly come back around- a part of you wonders if this time it’s really going for good. Nighttime stretches and daylight cowers. That thick gray blanket pulls itself out over the sky from dawn to dusk. All through the midday twilight the world is a muted, melancholy version of itself. The sun makes its sad pathetic arc on the horizon, barely cresting the jagged black line of Doug Fir trees before it goes back to bed, pulls the covers over its head and dreams of springtime.

But every so often one glorious morning comes like a God-given gift. You open your eyes and there are these warm, yellow rays spilling through the curtains. Your pupils are distended like some cave or dungeon dweller, and as the richness of green and blue and coffee brown pour into your eyes your heart can not help but leap in tongues “Hallelujah!” You realize that you have not been awake- not fully awake- in months.

And you feel like Noah must have felt when he held that olive branch after 40 days of suffocating rain. And you feel like Jonah must have felt when he was spit out on the shore after 3 days in the rotting stench inside that great whale. And you try to burn it into your memory like a reminder of some divine promise that things won’t always be so gray, but you know that you’ll forget it all the same. So you stitch those feelings and those images into words and melodies and chords and you bottle them up so that you can get back inside that glory when the winter takes its toll.

Because you know that when you live in the northern lands, winter can set your mind against you.



Feelin’ Good - Lyrics

Good mornin' baby tell me how do you feel?
With that sunlight drippin' like honey down the window sill
Cause I used to wake up feelin’ so sad and sick
And no drug I ever took ever did the trick
So maybe I should go knock on wood
Because I used to feel bad but now I feel so good

Ain't no more pain my mind is clear as a bell
I must a thrown a lucky penny down the wishin’ well
Cause this change in the weather don't seem to match the season
But my papa said son don't look a gift horse in the teeth
Just thank the Lord, we'll I guess that I should
Because I used to feel bad but now I feel so good

40 days and 40 nights
Nothin’ but pourin’ rain like a judgment from the sky
But now I’m sittin’ on this mountain top
Where the sun is shinin’ looks like the rain has stopped

Nobody knows where it comes from or where it goes
And there might be more trouble comin’ down the road
But if the goodness finds ya you don't let it pass
You don't get caught kickin’ the tires when you oughta hit the gas
So I bust out on the highway just as fast as I could
Because I used to feel bad but now I feel so good

Three dark days in the belly of a fish
Driven deep beneath the waves
Stuck down in the pit
Just when you couldn't take the smell no more
He spit you out, you never been so happy to see the shore

It’s so hard to know what’s good
‘til the goodness is gone
It's hard to know what's right
Until its gone wrong
So if you’re lucky to find a way to get the good thing back
You gonna love it twice over
You gonna make it last
I don't pretend that it's understood
Just that I used to feel bad but now I feel so good

So pull me close, honey hold my hand
Smell the dune grass blow
Across the warm soft sand
I'm watching the sun as its goin’ down
But I ain't thinkin’ ‘bout tomorrow until it comes around

Cause I spent too many years
Askin’ the good Lord why
Watching the stars circle ‘round that hole in the sky
Better I loosen my grip
And let that wildcat go
Cause there are some things a mortal man
Is not meant to know
But I wouldn't change it even if I could
Because I used to feel bad and now I feel so good


from Radio, released February 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Ian McFeron Seattle, Washington

Ian McFeron’s writing has been compared to Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Ryan Adams. Over the course of a decade-long independent music career, he has attracted media attention stretching across the Atlantic. He currently tours in support of his 7th album Time Will Take You, recorded in Nashville with members of Ryan Adams band The Cardinals as well as Patty Griffin and John Hiatt’s touring bands. ... more

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