I'm Comin' Home

from by Ian McFeron

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I’m Comin’ Home - Story

Going to different places is the only way you can really come to see the place you’re from. The excitement and adventure of traveling gives way to those still moments of reflection when you’re back at your kitchen table, drinking your morning coffee, staring out the window. As the dust settles around you what you see is a clearer image of the landscape you grew out of; of how this landscape has offered tokens of itself that you have absorbed into your being.

I spend about 9 months of the year humming to the buzz of rubber on pavement. In those nine months there are long stretches where I don’t see a familiar face in the crowd. Friends we have made along the way offer themselves like islands of familiarity on a voyage of blind faith, always brimming with uncertainty. We refuel in the warmth of their homes and they remind us of the home we miss.

So when we’re coming around the last corner of a long stretch away, home starts to pull with this gravitational weight. It swells with intensity as we feel ourselves drawing nearer to it. Moving from the desert of New Mexico to the Pacific breezes of San Diego, we feel it tug. And as we make our way up the coastal highways- Ventura, San Louis Obispo, San Francisco- we feel it pull harder. Our last show is usually somewhere up in Redwood country- like Mendocino or McKinleyville- or tucked away in the Sierra Nevada’s like up in Truckee. That’s about where the smell of damp earth and thick moss and pine trees and fir sap and cool morning fog starts to become too much to bear. Back in our early days of touring we couldn’t take it any longer and we’d pack up after the last show and drive all night, straight home. We’d pass Boeing field where the city skyline first peeks out from behind the bluffs around daybreak. We’d see Pike Place in the rosy light of dawn and we’d see the Seattle Times man chucking papers into doorways. These things never looked so good to me.

Some people have wondered who the woman is in the second verse of this song- the one that sleeps off on one side of the bed. Well, for whatever a songwriter’s opinion is worth, she represents our life at home which has a very different rhythm and character than our life on the road. This woman likes to cook dinner together, throwing chopped onions and garlic into an iron skillet. She drinks gifted red wine that the two of us could never afford. She likes to read together in the evening. She likes to sit with me over morning coffee and remember the adventures of the great beyond.

She lives there; in that alternate reality that is our life at home. She waits there, patiently while we are away. Passion for her grows as the odometer turns over; as rubber grinds away against the pavement.



I’m Comin Home - Lyrics

I got to keep my mind focused
I got to keep my head strong
Lord, I got to keep my grip
Sailing on a radio song
50 miles until I let this engine rest

Cause I been 63 days on a highway running
Thinking about my home
Lately I been thinking I must be crazy
Leaving a good woman there alone
Yeah, I’m coming home

Now I hope you’re sleeping
You’re probably curled up off on one side of the bed
So I’ll try not to wake you
When I crawl beside you, when I lay those kisses on your neck

Well the sun’s climbin’ over the hillside now
And I’m glad to see the day
The booths in the market are buzzin’ downtown
They’re throwing Sunday papers in the doorways
Yeah, I’m coming home

I’m feeling good now
Feels like a shot in the arm
I got my blood pumping warm again
But I know I’ve been awake for way too long
I’ll probably sleep like the dead once I get to bed
Yeah, I’m coming home

I got to keep my eyes open
I got to keep my headlights pointed between the lines
Singing to a radio song
Just sing me something that’ll keep me safe tonight

Cause I been 63 days on a highway running
Thinking about my home
Lately I been thinking I must be crazy
Leaving a good woman there alone
Yeah, I’m coming home


from Radio, released February 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Ian McFeron Seattle, Washington

Ian McFeron’s writing has been compared to Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Ryan Adams. Over the course of a decade-long independent music career, he has attracted media attention stretching across the Atlantic. He currently tours in support of his 7th album Time Will Take You, recorded in Nashville with members of Ryan Adams band The Cardinals as well as Patty Griffin and John Hiatt’s touring bands. ... more

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