by Ian McFeron

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Recorded December 5th-December 16th at Studio G in East Nashville, Tennessee.


released February 27, 2015

Ian McFeron – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals; Piano on Uninvited
Alisa Milner – Backing Vocals
Doug Lancio – Acoustic and Electric Guitars; Drums, Bass, Pump Organ, and Synthesizer on Song to the Night
Marco Giovino – Drums, Percussion (except Song to the Night)
Chris Donohue – Bass Guitar (except Song to the Night)
Russ Pahl – Pedal Steel, Banjo
John Dedrick – Piano, B3, Pump Organ

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Doug Lancio at Studio G, Nashville, TN
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI Mastering, Seattle, WA
All songs written by Ian McFeron, ASCAP Ian McFeron Music ©2015



all rights reserved


Ian McFeron Seattle, Washington

Ian McFeron’s writing has been compared to Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Ryan Adams. Over the course of a decade-long independent music career, he has attracted media attention stretching across the Atlantic. He currently tours in support of his 7th album Time Will Take You, recorded in Nashville with members of Ryan Adams band The Cardinals as well as Patty Griffin and John Hiatt’s touring bands. ... more

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Track Name: Gotta Have Faith
Gotta Have Faith - Lyrics

Well some people say you’ve got to smile through it all
Take your licks with a grin like some painted porcelain doll
But I was born a poor man’s son with a bucket full of blues
And it’s hard to pretend you’re winnin’
When all you do is lose

Lord knows I been wrung out and spent
I got no money to pay the rent
Strung out in the rainy weather
Without two dimes to rub together
So Lord can you give me some happy news
A man can lose heart livin’ with this kind of blues

He said you gotta have faith
You got to be strong
Let that spirit guide you, he’ll take you where you’re tryin’ to go
What you feel inside you, boy, well it’s possible to do
But you gotta have faith
You got to believe it’s true

I see the songbird sleepin’ in his mossy bed
But here I ain’t got no place to rest my head
Sweepin’ up the pennies from another dime show
I’m hopin’ the highway signs can tell me where to go
So sweet bird tell me now what’s your tune?
You sing a song for me I’ll sing one for you

I see a light shinin’ over the hill
I’m bound to make it now brother cause I got the will
So let your rain keep on pourin’ down
A change in the weather’s bound to turn my luck around
Track Name: I'm Comin' Home
I’m Comin Home - Lyrics

I got to keep my mind focused
I got to keep my head strong
Lord, I got to keep my grip
Sailing on a radio song
50 miles until I let this engine rest

Cause I been 63 days on a highway running
Thinking about my home
Lately I been thinking I must be crazy
Leaving a good woman there alone
Yeah, I’m coming home

Now I hope you’re sleeping
You’re probably curled up off on one side of the bed
So I’ll try not to wake you
When I crawl beside you, when I lay those kisses on your neck

Well the sun’s climbin’ over the hillside now
And I’m glad to see the day
The booths in the market are buzzin’ downtown
They’re throwing Sunday papers in the doorways
Yeah, I’m coming home

I’m feeling good now
Feels like a shot in the arm
I got my blood pumping warm again
But I know I’ve been awake for way too long
I’ll probably sleep like the dead once I get to bed
Yeah, I’m coming home

I got to keep my eyes open
I got to keep my headlights pointed between the lines
Singing to a radio song
Just sing me something that’ll keep me safe tonight

Cause I been 63 days on a highway running
Thinking about my home
Lately I been thinking I must be crazy
Leaving a good woman there alone
Yeah, I’m coming home
Track Name: Radio
Radio - Lyrics

Everybody’s leavin’ town now for the weekend
Runnin’ to the mountains and the lakes
I’m watchin’ the shadows grow
Outside of my window
The sun’s fallin’ back out into space

Dog days are draggin’
I’m wastin’ time
The sky begins to burn
It’s strange the things you know
Some things you’re never gonna learn

I’m just sittin in the afterglow
Listenin’ to the radio play

Songs by Joni Mitchell songs by Bobby and Ray

I’m movin’ downtown now to the city
The city’s a ghost town in the summertime
Scattered bits of paper blow
And rattle like the tumbleweed rolls, well
Streetlight halos begin to shine

Is time some kind of turnin’ wheel?
Sometimes it feels like time is bent to kill
But baby you’re the only one
That could make time stand still

I’m just sittin in the afterglow
Listenin’ to the radio play

Play that song
Songs by Otis Redding songs Neil Young

Got to move slow cause it’s a fact
You can let it go but you can’t get it back
So show me somethin’ that’s made to last
Little green flash and now it’s gone

I’m just sittin in the afterglow
Listenin’ to the radio play

Songs by Janice Joplin songs by Marvin Gaye
Songs by The Band and Van and Simon singin’
“Slip Slidin’ Away”
Listen to the radio play
Track Name: Song to the Night
Song to the Night - Lyrics

Roarin’ flames of sunset
Tear across the sky
Burnin’ up the shadows and the green fields
Settin' this whole world on fire

But you just can’t help but get used to it
When it happens every day
Just like the night
Silvery breezes blow through the holes in space

You asked me, “are we livin' in a dream world?”
It’s so hard to say
Cause nothin’ ever seems real to me, girl
Until it’s slippin’ away

And even when I try to hold tight
To one thing I know
It falls to the night
It fades into the afterglow

But in my dreams I walked on oceans
Though I never seen your face
I lived a thousand lifetimes
But never met one that could stand in your place

All these philosophers and preachers
Punch wild at things you don’t show
I been thinkin' 'bout the night
That stirs in the valley below

Oh your sweetness is a virtue
You steal the trouble from my mind
So I been tryin' to keep tied to you
I’m tryin’ to lay my heart on the line

But some days the dark hours linger
Long after the daylight shows
The day is like the night
And the night plays like a Coltrane song

So Lord help me to focus
Give these broken pieces shape
Not a tower to the heavens
Just a piece of art for art’s sake

I give you my whole heart to shatter
And my body to make new
To dissolve it in the night
To sleep in sweet dreams of you
Track Name: Diesel Grease
Diesel Grease - Lyrics

Diesel grease paint it black
I been tryin’ to shake this world off my back
Walkin’ long a barbed wire fence
Wonderin’ how it ended up like this
But these melodies are memories
I wouldn’t trade a single one for anything

Sunset burns a desert sky
This whiskey tastes like holy fire
Shadows fall down like paper leaves
There’s jasmine perfume in the breeze
So take me down your moonlit highway
Cause I don’t care if she knocks me sideways

Desert sands roll into salty seas
I’m wishin’ I was a wave crashin’ on your beach
But all my words feel like tender lies
Honey I’m doin’ my best
To treat you right

It’s quiet on the streets tonight
The air is still and the moon is high
So I’m walkin’ down to that lonely beach
Skippin’ stones across the sea
It smells like summer but it feels like rain
I close my eyes and I’m home again

But that little girl
She broke my heart
So can you stitch it up or is all hope lost
Cause I don’t mean to keep you waitin’
But honey if this ain’t love
There’s no sense fakin’

Diesel grease paint it black
Well if I leave today I ain’t comin’ back
Blowin’ down this dusty highway
I’ll hitch a ride with you if you’re goin’ my way
Just don’t ask me for a word of truth
Except you’ll know that it’s love
When it comes time to choose
Track Name: Moses
Moses - Lyrics

Well, Moses Moses I been thinkin’ of you
Movin’ through the empire in disguise
They slap you on the back they tried to claim you
They did not know the contents of your mind

Until you saw violence raining down on a stranger
You could not keep up the charade
You made a move and cut down that perpetrator
You killed a man in a fit of rage

You have been a stranger livin’ in a foreign land
You have felt the hammer of the devil’s heavy hand
Wanderin’ through the desert, sifting through the sand
Did you ever see the Promised Land?

Now Moses Moses if you’d had more time to choose
Would you have just kept livin’ underground?
Because judgment comes down heavy on those exposing truth
Truth that shatters the head that wears the crown

You become a stranger livin’ in a foreign land
You will feel the hammer of the devil’s heavy hand
Wanderin’ through the desert, sifting through the sand
Will you ever see the Promised Land?

How did you keep yourself together?
And will it make you a better man?
Or will it only bring you trouble
Keepin’ your heart set on the Promised Land?

Well, Moses Moses I been missin’ you
Seeing the rich man steal from the pockets of the poor
So tell me will God send down another who is like you
To lead these broken hungry men back out to war

We have become strangers livin’ in a foreign land
We have felt the hammer of the devil’s heavy hand
Wanderin’ through the desert, sifting through the sand
Will we ever see the Promised Land?

Moses Moses
Moses Moses
Track Name: You Were the One
You Were the One - Lyrics

People don’t know what they got
‘till the lights go down on them
But if I could have seen
Just a little ways ahead
Maybe I’d still be your friend

So as this day falls
And another one comes
I still feel the same
Still you were the one
Still you were the one

Why do I decide that it’s wrong
Just to free myself?
So now I’m free to be lonesome
And free to be sad
Thinkin’ bout the good times we had

They say time is a friend
But time won’t seem to help me to mend
Oh what a fool I have been

So as this day falls
And another one comes
I still feel the same
Still you were the one
Still you were the one
Track Name: Feelin' Good
Feelin’ Good - Lyrics

Good mornin' baby tell me how do you feel?
With that sunlight drippin' like honey down the window sill
Cause I used to wake up feelin’ so sad and sick
And no drug I ever took ever did the trick
So maybe I should go knock on wood
Because I used to feel bad but now I feel so good

Ain't no more pain my mind is clear as a bell
I must a thrown a lucky penny down the wishin’ well
Cause this change in the weather don't seem to match the season
But my papa said son don't look a gift horse in the teeth
Just thank the Lord, we'll I guess that I should
Because I used to feel bad but now I feel so good

40 days and 40 nights
Nothin’ but pourin’ rain like a judgment from the sky
But now I’m sittin’ on this mountain top
Where the sun is shinin’ looks like the rain has stopped

Nobody knows where it comes from or where it goes
And there might be more trouble comin’ down the road
But if the goodness finds ya you don't let it pass
You don't get caught kickin’ the tires when you oughta hit the gas
So I bust out on the highway just as fast as I could
Because I used to feel bad but now I feel so good

Three dark days in the belly of a fish
Driven deep beneath the waves
Stuck down in the pit
Just when you couldn't take the smell no more
He spit you out, you never been so happy to see the shore

It’s so hard to know what’s good
‘til the goodness is gone
It's hard to know what's right
Until its gone wrong
So if you’re lucky to find a way to get the good thing back
You gonna love it twice over
You gonna make it last
I don't pretend that it's understood
Just that I used to feel bad but now I feel so good

So pull me close, honey hold my hand
Smell the dune grass blow
Across the warm soft sand
I'm watching the sun as its goin’ down
But I ain't thinkin’ ‘bout tomorrow until it comes around

Cause I spent too many years
Askin’ the good Lord why
Watching the stars circle ‘round that hole in the sky
Better I loosen my grip
And let that wildcat go
Cause there are some things a mortal man
Is not meant to know
But I wouldn't change it even if I could
Because I used to feel bad and now I feel so good
Track Name: River of Time
River of Time - Lyrics

Red hawk outside of my window
Well he don’t worry
He just goes where the wind blows
And me, ain’t never tried to fit in

Summer grass in the rolling field
But this photograph just don’t catch the way it feels
Cause it won’t stand still
All the colors change and the light fades all over again

River of time
I’m just floatin’ like a leaf on the stream
I close my eyes
See the white clouds and the blue skies
Wishin’ that I knew what it means
You said “life is like a waltz through a dream”
But what is dreamin’?

Young girl in a white church dress
Layin’ out that red and white picnic spread
Next to me
Where does it run to when a moment disappears?

I wanna know how it feels
To be unchained, how to walk on the wind
I wanna know where it comes from
Where it goes to- how to disappear and come back again
Track Name: Uninvited
Uninvited - Lyrics

I didn’t mean to come here uninvited
But I saw the light up in your room
Sometimes when you come back
When you’ve been far from home
It’s nice to see someone you know

So can I stay with you
While the sun goes down?
Can I lay here with you
While the stars circle round?
That’s all I want
To do

I didn’t mean to leave you stranded
I didn’t mean to be careless with your trust
Sometimes you get sick
Sometimes the pain is so thick
You just can’t do the things you must

You say people don’t change
But honey I’ve changed a lot
Sometimes it just takes longer than you thought